Home Performance with Energy Star – HPwES

Home Performance with Energy Star – HPwES

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES)

Want to save money on your energy bills? Not sure where to start?

blowerdoortestingHome Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) may be your answer. HPwES is a program sponsored in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency and Eversource/CL&P and United Illuminating Company on behalf of Energize Connecticut. It is also the ideal program for those who previously received Home Energy Solutions Program Services but did not install all the recommended measures or select the additional rebates available at the time.

How HPwES works:

Step 1: Schedule a home energy audit and assessment.

lightbulbCall ERG to schedule a home energy audit and assessment. In order to offer HPwES Services, we are registered with the Department of Consumer Protection, fully insured and have BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analysts, Envelope and Multi-Family Certified Technicians.

During the audit and assessment, our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment to identify sources of energy loss in your home. After the audit, our Technicians will provide you with a custom proposal for services to reduce energy loss in your home, outlining the savings in energy these upgrades will provide.

Typical recommendations include:

Sealing Air Leaks and Adding Insulations

These are critical first steps to improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Improving Heating and Cooling Systems

If your furnace or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, we may recommend that you replace it with a unit that has earned the ENERGY STAR label.

Sealing Ductwork

Sealing leaks, making sure ducts are straight and properly connected, and insulated where needed, will greatly improve your homes comfort and energy efficiency.

Upgrading Lighting, Appliances, and Water Heating Equipment

Energy used in these areas can account for nearly half of your utility bill, so there’s a big opportunity to save by installing ENERGY STAR qualified products.

Replacing Windows

If it’s time to replace your homes windows, we may recommend ENERGY STAR qualified models.

Step 2: Selecting energy upgrades

ducttestingIf you choose to move forward with your project, complete the HPwES application form. Then submit the proposal for services, along with the application to ERG (see address below). We will process your application and submit to the utility. The utility will analyze the proposal for incentives and send you a formal letter of agreement outlining the incentives for the upgrades.

Step 3: Complete your home performance project

pressureflowUpon completion, your project will be inspected by Eversource or United Illuminating and your incentive check will be mailed to you. You’ll continue to save energy and money for years to come, while having a safer, more comfortable and healthy home.

Please fill out the HPwES Application Form (PDF) and email, fax or mail to:
HPwES Department
P.O. Box 568
Northford, CT 06472

If you are interested in financing for you project please visit: www.CHIF.org

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